We are now at a crossroads

Corinne Lepage

“Toujours se poser la question de savoir si ce que l’on fait est juste. On ne peut pas toujours faire ce que l’on doit faire. Mais on peut toujours éviter de faire ce qu’il ne faut pas faire”.

Alain Renaudin

“Le biomimétisme est une proposition de langage universel de l’espèce humaine, reliant les hommes, les disciplines et les secteurs d’activité”.

Jean-François Gallouin

“L’objectif économique d’une entreprise diminue progressivement, au profit de l’envie d’impacter”

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The think tank imagined by FinX

BaseX is an informative, positive and fruitful initiative where we regularly address major societal issues, illustrated by interviews with personalities. By echoing the growing forest, BaseX also serves FinX's vision and enlightens us for tomorrow. FinX moves the boat forward, BaseX moves up.

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« The success of a company, above all a matter of beliefs » Jean-François Galloüin

Can a company create a market? Or does it only reveal markets, latent demands? The creation of a company is a journey, a set of hypotheses, in a context that must be favorable to it. It is always a gamble. The younger generations are very sensitive to the ecological impact. It has become a fundamental criterion in their choice of company. Before, people who wanted to change the world were separated from those who advocated a purely capitalist culture. The boundaries are now blurring! By adopting a business culture, some non-profit organizations will see their influence amplified.


« Focus on the New World Economy » Corinne Lepage

Interview with Corinne Lepage, lawyer, politician and former Minister of the Environment and former Minister for the Environment, above all a committed and passionate citizen who cares about tomorrow.


The Ocean, a planetary library : Interview with Maud Fontenoy

“The ocean must be the object of as much attention as research on the atom or the conquest of space” says @Maud Fontenoy.

A legendary sailor, she was the first woman to row across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In 2005, she was named “Personality of the Year” by Time Magazine.

Towards another acceleration

Savoir pour agir

We have spoken in recent months with personalities who question, examine, propose new axes and generate positive changes for the planet and the common good.

Savoir pour Agir - Towards another acceleration -, the first BaseX book and the result of these meetings, is planned for 2021. This collection of interviews will thus be the voice of those who, in their respective talents (intellectuals, engineers, entrepreneurs, politicians, journalists, investors, athletes), act for a more desirable tomorrow.


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