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“We realize that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.

But if this drop did not exist in the Ocean, it would be missing.”


Mother Teresa

FinX was born in June 2019 with the ambition to participate in the ecological transition of the nautical sector. A year later and in the context of the global health crisis at the start of 2020, FinX launches BaseX, a positive, progressive and fruitful information platform.

His vocation? Become a meeting place.

We will offer you texts published in the form of episodes, accompanied by regular interviews  with experts, personalities, scientists (etc.), passionate women and men who make things happen. And there are many. We want to give them the floor to promote their initiatives that all together, we go further. Many initiatives exist, they are full of promise and outline our future.  

By raising awareness of the challenges of tomorrow, this will allow us (FinX) to make the best possible strategic decisions. What if the planetary changes we are experiencing ultimately represented tremendous opportunities for evolution? The times we are living through are mutant, restless, ultra complex, but also fascinating. It behooves us to wage an unprecedented battle for climate preservation. We are contemporaries of an era that has never gone so quickly ... The health of our planet is in a worrying state. In 2050, if the 10 billion people who will populate it continue to consume as we do today, we will need 3 planets.

The cards are now redistributed: everything has to be recreated, imagined.  

This battle must be won because it conditions all the others.  

Take a look at our first reflection “A planetary awareness” that introduces BaseX Season 1. We wish you an exciting navigation.

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